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DIGC302 – ‘The Bucket Show’ Project Critique – Leah Foster

Project Critique – The Bucket Show – Popculture Vodcasts – Brendon Foye

‘The Bucket Show’ is a weekly Vodcast produced by Digital Media student Brendon Foye. The entertainment podcast is released weekly on a Friday and covers pop culture, Internet culture, video games and other topics of interest to Brendon. The episodes originally went for one hour however as the project’s trajectory developed the content was reduced back down to one weekly half-an-hour YouTube video. To comprehensively engage with your DIGC330 project I believe it is important to develop your ideas from an area or topic that you wished to further discuss or research, or an area in which you already had an extensive understanding. ‘The Bucket Show’ has provided a platform for Brendon to dynamically engage with topics that interest him, as well as enabling him to share and discuss these topics with several of his friends, colleagues and classmates. ‘The Bucket Show’ covers a wide range of topics in a conversational style. The format or outline of each podcast is free flowing and Brendon allows the conversation to take its natural course, giving the discussion purpose or a new direction when needed. The vodcast is hosted, edited and uploaded by Brendon who also maintains the show’s accompanying Tumblr blog. The blog site provides a space where viewers can track back through the vlog history as well as access various links and more information on the topics that have been discussed during that week. So far ‘The Bucket Show’ has released six one-hour long episodes and one half-an-hour long episode.

The aims and methodology of ‘The Bucket Show’ are to create a weekly hour-long vodcast that is entertaining. Each week Brendon aims to host, edit and upload the podcast discovering new topics to discuss as well as increasing the quality of the vodcast throughout his projects trajectory. ‘The Bucket Show’ aims to generate viewership audience feedback hoping to involve the viewers in the discussion and create a platform where conversation can flow freely between those involved on screen and their audience. Mentioned in ‘The Bucket Shows’ pitch is an aim to investigate RSS, which is partially evident in Tumblr blog. Brendon has absorbed ‘The Bucket Show’ into his pre-existing social media accounts including his YouTube channel and his Twitter; I assume this is to engage with his established followers in order to enhance the overall participation.

Podcasting, or in this case vodcasting, is an exciting new form of expression where anybody can get involved, express themselves or exchange ideas. It is a chance for people to discuss whatever interests them, which is the aspect of podcasting ‘The Bucket Show’ has engaged with the most. In terms of captivating or connecting with the audience ‘The Bucket Show’ could have employed some more structure or a more defined weekly theme. For example, at the beginning of most podcasts there seems to be a lot of undirected, unnecessary and irrelevant conversation. More structure or a defined introduction to the vodcast could be beneficiary in terms of keeping the audience engaged. The accompanying Tumblr site could have benefitted from additional information on the topics discussed as well as some brighter visuals and even more videos and images. While I certainly enjoyed some of the links, like which food Iggy Azalea looks like, it might have been interesting for ‘The Bucket Show’ to produce more content like memes or some kind of a space that could help the audience and those involved in the vodcast to further discuss the personal jokes or highlights from each weekly episode. For me, the highlights of the episodes were the topics I had not heard much about or the topics that mightn’t get as much attention as others. For example, the idea of discussing something like Grant Denyer’s birthday adds a localised aspect that could attract more focus from ‘The Bucket Shows’ niche Australian audience. It could have been interesting to involve a thread or promote a discussion where people could share their favourite things about Grant Denyer or something along those lines, as it might not be a discussion hosted in many other places? (Congratulations on getting a tweet from Grant Denyer Matt, Brendon I sincerely hope he saw your podcast!)

In regards to the projects trajectory the quality certainly improves over the weeks, however, I think the best step for the vodcast was to decrease the content down from one hour to half an hour. By taking the people back from around 6 or 7 to just 3 seemed to allow for more succinct communication and less time spent discussing irrelevant topics. I understand the concept of the vodcast was to allow for natural conversation, however I think in terms of entertainment, which was the main focus for the project? ‘The Bucket Show’ could have benefitted from more editing and more structure. Instead of questioning what to talk about on ‘air’ it might have been better to just throw topics out for discussion and encourage to the point debate or dialogue in order to keep the audience interested. As I mentioned, this issue could have been solved by cutting out the

wishy-washy conversation and just including more of the funny or entertaining bits. By editing the vodcasts further more of the visual video aspect might have been captured. For example, in the most recent episode it may have enhanced Matt’s humorous ‘dogspotting’ story to add images of Brendon, Matt and Angus’ personal favourite ‘dogspotting photos’. Although I did appreciate the link to the Facebook page on the Tumblr site I had never heard of dogspotting, so more context could have provided a greater understanding while I was listening to ‘The Bucket Show’ discussion.

In regards to ‘The Bucket Shows’ project Beta it would have been interesting to learn more about the challenges and successes of Brendon’s journey as he created this digital artefact. Brendon could have edited together some of his favourite highlights to create a sort of trailer and allow the class some insight into his project. The Prezi was very brief and it could have been interesting to involve some of the classmates who helped out on the vodcast by asking them questions or involving them in a discussion, giving the entire class a more evolved idea of the semesters work and allowing Brendon to show off the aspects he benefitted from the most. I hope Brendon has enjoyed creating this digital artefact, as he gets to discuss and share topics he is interested in with his friends, I wish ‘The Bucket Show’ the best of luck in their future vodcasts!


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